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1: What is illegal gambling?

Illegal gambling occurs when an unlicensed operate offer gambling products to the public.

2: Cost of illegal gambling

Unlicensed and illegal operators pose the following risk.

   2.1: Punters

Games offered to punters have not been checked and approved by the regulator to show compliance with the technical standards aim at insuring, among other that the games offered are fair.

   2.2: Fiscals

Illegal operators do not pay tax and as a result they do not contribute to fiscals.

   2.3: Industry initiatives

Illegal operators do not contribute toward industry initiatives, such as contributing to the National Responsible Gambling Programme, which is aimed at minimizing the risk and danger of gambling.

3: What can the public do?

Any member of the public who becomes aware of the existence of illegal operators may report it to:

   3.1: Gauteng Gambling Board at (011) 581 4800
   3.2: SAPS at any police station.

Media Release

Invitation to register on and update the Gauteng Gambling Board Supplier Database


In compliance with the Public Finance Management Act of 1999 and the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act of 2000 and to ensure a competitive procurement process, the Gauteng Gambling Board invites its current suppliers and new service providers of goods and/or service to update their details to apply for accreditation and registration on the Gauteng Gambling Board database.



The Gauteng Gambling Board (GGB) is in the process of re-establishing the Supplier Database. The latest form is available on the website under Application Forms




On-line gambling is currently prohibited in South Africa.


Bookmakers Please take note: FIC notice to all bookmakers in South Africa to register as accountable and reporting institutions.

Please download or view the following document: FICA Bookmakers Notification