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Board Members

Gauteng Gambling Board

The Role Of The Board

The Board is a statutory body established in terms of Section 3 of the Gauteng Gambling Act, No 4 of 1995, as amended, to exercise public power to regulate and control gambling activities in the Gauteng Province on behalf of the Gauteng Provincial Government

Consider, and adopt if appropriate, operating budgets and business plans proposed by management for the achievement of its strategic direction;
Delegate authority for capital expenditure;
Provide oversight of performance against targets and objectives;
Provide oversight of reporting on the direction, corporate governance and performance of the board;
Identify, consider and review key risk areas;
Ensure ethical behavior and compliance with relevant laws and regulations, audit and accounting principles and the Boards internal governing documents and code of conduct;
Act responsibly towards the Board’s relevant stakeholders;
Be aware of, and commit to the underlying principles of good corporate governance and ensure that compliance with corporate governance principles is reviewed regularly

The Board

The Board is the focal point of the corporate governance in the Gauteng Gambling Board. The Board is ultimately accountable and responsible for the performance and affairs of the Gauteng Gambling Board and ensuring that the Gauteng Gambling Board conducts itself as a responsible corporate citizen. 

The Board consists of between eight and twelve non-executive Board members who are experts in various fields. The Board Members’ primary responsibilities are:

  1.  Fomulation of operational policy.
  2. Overseeing the operations of the Board

Executive Committee

The committee:
Performs all functions of the Board during the periods between meetings of the Board
Consists of three members of the Board, the chief executive officer and the chief operating officer.

Board Committees

The purpose of the Audit and Risk committee is to assist the board in discharging its duties relating to the safeguarding of assets, the operation of adequate systems and control processes, the operation of adequate risk management processes and the review of the preparation of accurate and timely financial reports and statements by management in compliance with all applicable legal requirements and accounting standards.

The gaming committee oversees the gambling activities on behalf of the board and formulates policies on matters related thereto.

The purpose of this committee is to advise the board on the formulation and implementation of responsible gambling policy.

The purpose of this committee is to review, advice and recommend to the board on matters relating to corporate governance and any other related matter as delegated by the board.

The role of the committee is to assist the board with the oversight of social and ethical matters relating to the GGB.

The Executive committee of the board is delegated with the oversight responsibility relating to the setting of the GGB’s direction as well as overseeing the management team of the organisation.


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South Africa. 


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