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Gauteng Gambling Board 

Organizational Units 


GGB Business Units 

The Gauteng Gambling Board has 10 organizational units.
Each unit is responsible for ensuring that the organization realizes its mission , vision, how they want to be percieved and their values.

Company Secretary

Provision of company secretarial services to the Board and Board Commitees


Provision of marketing and communications support services


Compliance Audit

Ensures accuracy of gaming revenue paid by the licensees.
* Ensures licensees comply with applicable gaming legislation.
* Conducts regular revenue and compliance audits.
* Monitors and ensures compliance with BBBEE and FIC Legislation.
* Conducts FIC inspections on licensees. 

Finance Department 

Provides financial and administrative support services.


Compliance Gaming Control

Ensures technical compliance of gaming devices to legislation.

Information Technology 

Develops, maintains and supports management information systems.


Legal & Law Enforcement 

Renders legal services to the Board and all internal business units.
* Manages litigation on behalf of the Board.
* Reviews and amends gambling legislation.
* Receives requests in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) and
promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA).
* Investigate non-compliance allegations by licensees.
* Investigate disputes and complaints from the public against licensees.
* Assist law enforcement agencies in the eradication of illegal gambling 

Licensing & Investigation

Receives and processes applications in terms of the Gauteng Gambling Act, no 4 of 1995, as amended for the following:
* Gambling facilities
* Employee registrations
* Equipment registration
* Manufacturers, suppliers and maintenance providers
* Amusement facilities
* Third party suitability 


Human Resources 

Promotes and maintains industrial relations through:
* Talent development and performance management.
* Talent planning, organizational development and central resourcing.
* Employee rewards and benefits.
* Payroll and policy development.
* Employee relations and transformation.
* Employee wellness.
* Human resource information management systems. 

Socio Economic Development 

Identifies and implements public awareness programs aimed at promoting responsible gambling.
* Identifies socio-economic development initiatives on behalf of the Board
Receives applications for Sports Development Funding and CSI Funding. 


125 Corlett Drive,
Johannesburg, 2018
South Africa. 


Phone : (011) 581 4800
Fax       : (011) 581 4903