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Who Are We

The Gauteng Gambling Board is a statutory body established in terms of section 3 of the Gauteng Gambling Act, No 4 of 1995 as amended.
Prior to August 1996 betting on horse-racing and other sporting events was the only form of legal gambling in Gauteng. During August 1996 the Gauteng Gambling Act 1995 (Act No 4 of 1995), was promulgated. This Act legalised other forms of gambling in the Province and provided for the establishment of the Gauteng Gambling Board.

Gauteng  Gambling Board 

To be the leading and innovative regulator in the gambling industry.

To regulate the industry in a transparent, fair, equitable and competent manner for the benefit of all stakeholders.

As regulators of the industry, we pursue without compromise the goal that South Africa generally and Gauteng in particular should maintain an impeccable status as a gambling jurisdiction in the world.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Values 

The Board ascribes to the following principle values:

We behave in a trustworthy manner where honesty, fairness, mutual respect, equability and transparency are the corner stones of our daily engagements with the people at all levels internal and external to our direct work environment.

We provide our services in a responsible, competent and considerate manner in response to the needs of our stakeholders and the gambling industry in general.

We enable and encourage people to make well informed and responsible decisions through optimal utilisation of resources and information   resources.
We accept accountability for our actions and decisions.
We make a conscious effort to embrace opportunities of transformation and diversity in every aspect of our business.

We recognise our employess as our most valuable resource

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  • Casino gaming 
  • Betting on horse-racing and sporting events
  • Bingo
  • Limited payout gaming machines (Route and site operators)
  • The manufacturing and supply of gambling equipment


125 Corlett Drive,
Johannesburg, 2018
South Africa. 


Phone : (011) 581 4800
Fax       : (011) 581 4903