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Gauteng Gambling Board Business Units

Provision of company secretarial services to the Board and Board Committees.

Provision of marketing and communications support services.

  • Ensures accuracy of gaming revenue paid by the licensees. 
  • Ensures licensees comply with applicable gaming legislation.
  • Conducts regular revenue and compliance audits. 
  • Monitors and ensures compliance with BBBEE and FIC Legislation. 
  • Conducts FIC inspections on licensees.

Provides financial and administrative support services.

Ensures technical compliance of gaming devices to legislation.

Develops, maintains and supports management information systems.

  • Renders legal services to the Board and all internal business units. 
    * Manages litigation on behalf of the Board. 
    * Reviews and amends gambling legislation. 
    * Receives requests in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) and promotion of administrative justice act (PAJA). 
    * Investigate non-compliance allegations by licensees. 
    * Investigate disputes and complaints from the public against licensees. 
    * Assist law enforcement agencies in the eradication of illegal gambling 

Receives and processes applications in terms of the Gauteng Gambling Act, no 4 of 1995, as amended for the following: 
* Gambling facilities 
* Employee registrations 
* Equipment registration 
* Manufacturers, suppliers and maintenance providers 
* Amusement facilities 
* Third party suitability

Promotes and maintains industrial relations through: 
* Talent development and performance management. 
* Talent planning, organizational development and central resourcing. 
* Employee rewards and benefits. 
* Payroll and policy development. 
* Employee relations and transformation. 
* Employee wellness. 
* Human resource information management systems. 

Identifies and implements public awareness programs aimed at promoting responsible gambling. 
* Identifies socio-economic development initiatives on behalf of the Board 
Receives applications for Sports Development Funding and CSI Funding. 

Gauteng Gambling Board


125 Corlett Drive, 
Johannesburg, 2018
South Africa. 


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