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Gauteng’s MEC for Economic, Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development is a bold, daring and seasoned political activist. He is among a young generation of liberation activists who cut their political teeth at the critical moment in South Africa’s history where the country was straddling the transition from Apartheid into the new era of democratic rule. 

Growing up in Gauteng’s oldest township Alexandra gave Maile an intimate sense of the struggle facing black people in South Africa under apartheid. Born in 1979, in Kempton Park, Maile, as part of the leadership of COSAS, was among the generation activists that shaped the discourse of education in SA as a country undergoing transition. 

In 1995, Maile’s passion for education saw him being elected as COSAS President, a position that placed him at the heart of the transformation of education. His visionary leadership soon became evident with the introduction of the South African Schools Act. COSAS was a strong advocate of the active involvement of parents in the education of their children. Through this advocacy and activism, school governing bodies were placed at the centre of school governance, giving parents a direct say in education matters. The historic and long standing demand for democratically elected Student Representative Councils also became a critical component of the democratic school governance dispensation. 

Maile graduated from COSAS after completing his matric at Crawford College. He has served as head of social transformation in the ANC Youth league’s Provincial Executive Committee. He then ascended to the position of Provincial Secretary effectively representing the Youth League in the Provincial Executive and Working Committees of the ANC. 
At this time the Youth League was vocal about the need to elevate the discourse about youth development. It is against the backdrop that the Gauteng Commission, was born with Maile as its chairperson. 

In 2009, Maile became a member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature, serving in the Education, Finance and Scrutiny and Subordinate Legislation committees. In 2010 he became MEC for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation and was a strong advocate of development, access to sporting and library facilities. He has been in the forefront of the revitalisation of such facilities as Bob Van Renen Sport Complex and has also played a lead role in using uniform standards in the building of libraries. 

In June 2014 Maile became MEC for Economic Development and later his responsibilities were extended to include, Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development. His new responsibility as MEC for Economic, Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development places him at the centre of the implementation of the Provincial Government’s three -pronged policy imperative of Transformation, Modernisation and Re-industrialisation. Among his direct contributions he will have to help: 

 Revitalise the Township Economy 
· Economic growth and employment creation 
· Attract and retain investment 
· Facilitate the entry of new players into various sectors of the economy 
· Create new sources of energy for Gauteng 
· Drive the green revolution 
· Transformation of food supply chain and food security 
· Develop and drive the growth of the eco-tourism sector 

He chairs both the Executive Council’s Economic Cluster and International Relations committees and is a member of the Provincial Executive Committee of the African National Congress in Gauteng.


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