Our Mandate

Our Mandate

Gauteng Gambling Board is:

A Schedule 3C public entity in terms of the Public Finance Management Act, 1 of 2001. 
A supervisor body in terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 38 of 2001. 
A regulatory authority in terms of the National Gambling Act, 7 of 2004.  

The main functions of the GGB are to :

Oversee and control gambling activities in Gauteng, including: 
Licensing of individuals and entities to conduct gambling and related activities. 

  1. Registering of persons engaged in such activities. 
  2. Approval and registering of all gaming devices. 
  3. Collecting prescribed taxes and levies for the Gauteng Province and other specified beneficiaries.
  4. Manage and administer the Sports Development Fund 
  5. Advise the MEC on matters relating to gambling.

Supervise and enforce compliance by the gambling industry with the requirements of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act including: 

  • Conducting FICA inspections.
  • Taking disciplinary action for non-compliance.
  • Reporting to the Financial Intelligence Centre on enforcement. 
  • Supervise and enforce compliance by the gambling industry with the requirements of the National Gambling Act including: 
  • Investigation and issuing of national entity and employment licenses 
  • Ensuring continuous suitability and compliance with the legislative prescripts by the national licensees to protect the public.

This is achieved through the following:

Ensuring integrity of gambling activities.

Licensing of credible operators and suppliers of gaming equipment, setting and regulating of gaming equipment standards, approval and registration of gaming equipment, registration of suitable persons to be engaged in gambling occupations and ensuing regulatory compliance by licensees on an ongoing basis.

Tax collections.

The Board collects gambling taxes and levies on gambling transactions on behalf of the Gauteng Provincial Government and other beneficiaries.

Measures to promote responsible gambling and minimisation of incidences of problem gambling.

The Gambling Board recognises that opportunities for gambling entail particular risks for the people of Gauteng. To this end, the Board co-operates with other relevant organisations to assist people who fall prey to gambling addiction.

Dispute resolution and punter assistance.

The Board receives and adjudicates complaints from the public arising from gambling disputes or other gambling related activities.

Eradication of illegal gambling activities.

This is done in order to protect the public from unfair business practices, as illegal operators are not subject to regulatory control to ensure fair business practices.


125 Corlett Drive, 
Johannesburg, 2018
South Africa. 


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Email: info@ggb.org.za    

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