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Who are we

The Gauteng Gambling Board is a statutory body established in terms of section 3 of the Gauteng Gambling Act, No 4 of 1995 as amended.

Prior to August 1996 betting on horse-racing and other sporting events was the only form of legal gambling in Gauteng. During August 1996 the Gauteng Gambling Act 1995 (Act No 4 of 1995), was promulgated. This Act legalized other forms of gambling in the Province and provided for the establishment of the Gauteng Gambling Board.  

To be the leading and innovative regulator in the gambling industry.

To regulate the industry in a transparent , fair , equitable and competent manner for the benefit of all stakeholders.

As regulators of the industry, we pursue without compromise the goal that South Africa generally and Gauteng in particular should maintain an impeccable status as a gambling jurisdiction in the world.


Our Values

The Board ascribes to the following principle values:


Gambling contributes to the growth and development of Tourism and the economy in the Gauteng Province. Gambling also stimulates the creation of job opportunities and contributes to the alleviation of poverty in the province. The gambling industry has created and sustained three types of jobs: jobs in the provincial construction industry, jobs due to the on-going running of the industry and indirect jobs as a result of the multiplied spending on construction and operations.
It is inevitable that the legislation of gambling will, despite rigorous regulation, result in some members of the gambling public development problem gambling. To address this phenomenon the Board continues its responsible gambling program to prevent and mitigate the risk and dangers associated with gambling activities.

Strategic management and liaison with stakeholders.
The GGB’s mandate is linked to the Department of Economic Development’s Programme 4: Business regulation and governance. The strategic objectives of Programme 4 are:

  • Increased customer satisfaction that secures long-term sustainability and facilitates the growth of businesses
  • A properly regulated gambling industry in Gauteng that generates revenue towards the socio-economic development of the province
  • All projects and interventions of the DED’s agencies contribute to the DED’s vision and strategic goals of radically transforming, modernising and re-industrialising Gauteng’s economy
  • B-BBEE targets expressed in the Transformation Charters and score-cards of the 11 identified sectors met leading to the creation of decent work, an inclusive economy and equality
  • Stakeholders of all three spheres of government and from other sectors of society are jointly working towards radically transforming, modernizing and re-industrializing Gauteng’s economy.

The GGB’s main functions linked to Programme 4 are:

  • Regulate the gambling industry
  • Generate revenue from the industry and the regulation of services offered for socioeconomic development in Gauteng

With these objectives from the DED mind, the strategic goal of the Gauteng Gambling Board is:
“To promote an efficient, equitable and socially responsible business environment.”

In support of the Gauteng Gambling Board’s strategic goal, the focus was on the following strategic outcomes-oriented goals:

  • Increased monitoring of B-BBEE compliance
  • Ensure compliance with legislative framework
  • Efficient and effective regulation of gambling
  • Promotion of responsible gambling
  • Enhance organizational performance, by providing an enabling environment
  • Financial accountability and compliance to prescribed financial regulations and guidelines
  • Contribution to eradication of poverty


125 Corlett Drive, 
Johannesburg, 2018
South Africa. 


Phone : (011) 581 4800
Fax       : (011) 581 4903


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